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Friday, May 18th 2012

8:58 PM

Lolicon incest video


Related article: Date: Thu, 8 loli rompl pedo pics Sep 2005 loli index 11:11:24 -0700 (PDT) From: Jack Santoro Subject: Chat Meeting, Encounters, 1/1Chat Meeting By Jackinnmyahoo.comTrying the chat on Club Stroke was at times very rewarding, especially because I got to meet a particularly interesting guy. I'd logged on, and seen one handle that caught my eye. This guy called himself "Naturalman" and I wondered how descriptive that handle was. It didn't take long to find out that he had a foreskin, as I do. I'd found that I relate better to guys who are uncut, as I am, because we share the same anatomy and use similar techniques to get off. He felt the same way as I did, telling me that he'd often showered with cut guys, as I had. He added that "Cut guys are curious about the workings of a foreskin but usually just pull the skin loli nude young back and jack it as if it were like theirs, and don't pay special attention to foreskin." That had been my experience too, both on the chat and in real life, and I was very happy to connect with Naturalman. We were closer in age than many on the chat. He was 53 and I was eight years older. Unlike me, he was married. I'd been divorced ten years. That first time, we enjoyed a mutual cyber-jack, and came away both gratified, and eager for more. After exchanging e-mails, we found that we lived too far apart to meet, which didn't prevent me from fantasizing. I lay back in my recliner, with paper towels and lube, and began: He'd mentioned that he was coming to town on business, and I gave him my address. When the doorbell rang, I saw that he stood about 5'7", and was about 165 lb., in contrast to my 6'2" and 210 lb. His salt and pepper hair contrasted with my thinning white hair, and I noticed that he had a really good build, unlike my somewhat flabby appearance. He had a rather deep and pleasant voice, unlike my tenor, and was dressed casually, as I was. We were worked up with anticipation, and eager to strip down as see each other naked. I led him to the bedroom, where we shucked our clothes in less than a minute. We'd told each other about ourselves, and thus were not surprised when we first saw each other's equipment. Our limp cocks were rather small, but both had long foreskins that extended beyond the heads to form nipples. Each had a big vein on the right side, and the outlines of the heads showed clearly through our thick hoods. "I've gotta pee before we get started," I said, and he told me he also felt the need, possibly because he lolite porno was a bit nervous at this first meeting. We went into the bathroom, and stood on opposite sides of the bowl. I skinned back all the way this time, instead of half-way as I usually do to pee, because I wanted him to see what I had. "I usually skin back only half-way, he explained, as he stripped his hood back to reveal a shapely head, with fissures running lengthwise to the end. Mine was big and lolity free porno smooth, already half-hard, because of the way I was worked up. Both heads were wet and shiny, pinkish-purple and obviously freshly washed. It took quite a few seconds for us to relax enough to get our streams flowing, as we were both self-conscious, but soon two thick yellow streams mixed in the bowl. Playfully, I swung mine to intercept his, and the resulting shower sprinkled the surface of the water. We dabbed our tips with toilet paper as we milked the residues, and then pulled our long, fleshy hoods forward again. I put my arm around his waist as we went back into the bedroom, and the close physical contact sent a stirring through my prick. Sitting on the edge of the bed, we began exploring. "I like to roll my nipple between two fingers," I said as I grasped the end of his skin. "Me too," he replied, and began rolling mine between thumb and index finger. I cupped his balls gently, and felt the erotic tickle as his fingers began playing with the hairs on my sac. We watched our cock-heads swell inside their hoods with the handling, and within a few seconds our pricks were at full attention. We avidly studied each other's pricks. He saw that mine was six inches hard, the big bulging head still covered by its hood. As he held it up, he pulled my sheath back slightly to expose the front of the dome, parted by a teardrop shaped orifice. His hood had begun to peel back by itself, and I saw his slit, lips already parted by a clear drop. The lips of his slit were slightly pear-shaped, leading down to a rather thick frenulum that I lightly touched with a fingertip. He drew in his breath at my touch, and his hips thrust up toward my hand slightly. I peeled his hood back all the way, noting that the nose of his glans was more tapered than mine. We got into lolicon incest video a sixty-nine position to get close-up views, and I saw that his balls were not very large, about the same as mine, but unlike me he kept his shaved. His cock was also marginally smaller than my six inches, and seemed to be about five inches around, somewhat thinner than mine. The big vein on the right side stood out even more when I clamped my fist around the base of his shaft to constrict the veins and make the head stand out. Then I pulled his skin as far forward as I could, and saw that it completely covered the head as long as I held it. "Just pull mine back a little bit," I told him. "I really enjoy the lolicon galleries portal feeling as the skin stretches." He put two fingers on either side of the shaft, right behind the bulge of my rim, and began pulling back, then releasing, peeling me in slow, sensual stages. His other hand now cupped my balls, giving me a warm intimate feeling. "You've got a nice big German helmet, just like you told me," he said as he finished pulling my hood back to reveal to flaring ridge. I felt the tight ring of skin snap into the deep groove behind my rim and his fingertip work in small circles around my teardrop, spreading the juice that had oozed from it at his touch. "Nice big ridge," he commented, as he ran his finger lightly around its contours, ending up by pressing the hot spot under the head. We were fully aroused, eager to continue until we'd each exploded in orgasm, but we'd decided during our chats that the best way was for us to come one after the other, so that we could each give the other full attention without being distracted by our own climaxes. We'd also found that the longer the build-up, the hotter and more intense the finish would be, so we worked each other's cocks slowly and deliberately, exploring the many nuances of sensation possible with our full-foreskinned pricks. We pulled each other's foreskins to cover the heads completely, and I slipped a finger under his hood, working it into the pocket. My fingertip traced his ridge down to the underside, then strummed his thick gee-string, producing a groan of pleasure. I gasped when he pulled the edges of my sheath out to view the head, opening it as widely as he could, then letting it snap back to encase the precious helmet. He stretched the opening out again, then suddenly peeled it back all the way, baring lolit turk my ridge and groove. Now he was squeezing the lolit porn movie bared head between two fingers, making my cock-root throb in response. I felt another drop of lube crawling up my urethra, filling my teardrop shaped hole. Pulling his hood forward, I began rolling it between my palms, twisting the thick skin over his sensitive head and stretching his gee-string from side to side. His breathing deepened at the intense stimulation, and I backed off, not wanting to push him over the edge yet. I felt his fingertips dancing lightly over my swollen head, sending hot sparks of sensation stabbing deep into my glans. We were too close for comfort, and we stopped. We sat up, looking at each other, but our hands were drawn irresistibly to each other's crotches. I lightly traced the edge of his ring of skin, smoothing the wrinkles and making him gasp. Mine was fully covered again, and his finger probed the opening, pressing against my hole. "Too bad we can't dock," he said, and I shuddered at the thought. We'd decided that safe sex was the only way to go, with absolutely no exchange of fluids, and this included shooting into each other's foreskin. "Yeah, I'd love that tip to tip contact," I answered, thinking of how thrilling it would be to feel his hard cock-head throbbing against mine. "I'll roll your cock and make you shoot inside," he said. "That way, loli hentay jpg it'll almost feel like docking. Ready to go?" I really was ready ls loliota for release, and wanted to feel his hands rolling my hood. "Okay." I lay down again as he placed his palms on top and bottom of my hard prick. He began moving them in opposite directions, as I'd done to his prick minutes before, and I felt waves of sensation begin to pour into my body. It was intense, because I felt the friction against the head, the lolit turk stretching of the many nerve endings in my skin, and the relentless pulling of my gee-string side to side. His hands became a blur as he twisted my foreskin again and again, making the head swell fully, losing its spongy feel, and I felt a deep tickle begin in my glans. "Tickling." I said, wanting to let him know where I was. I was breathing hard now, and when the heavy tingle in the head began, I cried out: "AH-AH-AH." "Go for it," he said, knowing I was seconds away from exploding. I was overwhelmed by the heavy sensations, and felt my mind go on "HOLD" as my eyes closed involuntarily. My prick began to throb, and I knew I was helpless in his hands. My legs trembled, and my cock-root tightened as I tumbled over the brink into the free-fall of orgasm. My awareness of the world around me faded was waves of sensation wracked my body. I felt the first stream of cum boil up my tube like hot lava, and I heard myself distantly crying out in joyful agony. My hips bucked as the next gush of cream burned its way up my prick, then another stream flowed, and another. It felt as if my entire insides were extruding through my tortured prick, and I yelped helplessly at the hot sensations. My entire prick felt hot in his hands, and more juice gushed in response. The eating loli pussy galleries sensations then began to fade as I emptied myself into his loving hands, and I felt him slow down as he realized it was ending for me. I lay supine and still stunned by the biological storm that had wracked my body, opening my eyes just in time to see him plant a light kiss on my forehead. I was still in my recliner, lesbian loli bbs and returned to my unfinished fantasy. The afterglow crept over me, but instead of a feeling lolias shy of lassitude, I felt energized because he lolit hentai was next on the agenda. I raised myself and pushed him back on the bed. "I want to hold your prick whole you do me," he said, as he clasped my softening penis on one hand. I picked up a bottle of glycerin as I steadied his cock to make sure his skin was all the way back. Pouring the non-drying lubricant over his glans, I said; "Now this'll give you a warm feeling." Holding his shaft in my left hand, lolia bbs illegal series I began caressing the big purple head with the fingers of my right. He gasped at the first contact, and I knew it was because his uncut glans was very sensitive, like mine. It was almost too intense for him to bear, and he began groaning loudly as I poured sensations into his tender tip. He was going to go more quickly than I had, and I saw his glans turn dark purple with arousal as I felt its surface harden under my dancing fingertips. I moved all around the head, not wanting to tire out the nerve endings by stroking too much in one spot. I ran my fingers around his flaring ridge, then down into the groove that rarely saw the light of day. Now he was crying out loudly, and I watched his face as the sensations overwhelmed him. I was vicariously enjoying loli nude young his arousal, and I strummed his gee-string to make his cock jerk in loli 6yo my hand. His eyes closed, and his head began rocking from side to side. His deep sobs excited me as I brought him to the brink, then pushed him over the edge. I felt his shaft throb in my fist as a jet of white cream erupted from his pouting hole to shoot a foot into the lolicon hentai sex air. His glans was throbbing under my fingers as it shot another jet, then another. His loud sobs filled the room, and I knew illigal loli exactly what he was feeling because He'd made me cum minutes before. I stroked his burning hot hard tip, which was shiny and wet, until he cried out "STOP!" I knew that he was finished, and further stroking would be pure torture for him. Grabbing a towel from the bedside table, I wrapped it around his now relaxing prick and lay down beside him, feeling the warmth of his body. At some point, we slipped into sleep.The end
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